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Details of Businesses

Since 1996, WOWOW PLUS has operated two channels for digital satellite, CATV, and IPTV platform: WOWOW Plus(movies), and The Kayo Pops Channel(Japanese popular songs). It also operates a wide range of businesses including planning, production, and sales of video content; releasing DVD/Blu-ray discs under the Cinefil labels; supplying films to theaters; distributing video content to hotels, and providing various contents for mobile devices.

Digital satellite broadcasting and production

WOWOW PLUS operates the following two channels as part of its broadcasting business


The Hollywood blockbuster, European much disscussed work film and the eternal masterpease in HD.Also latest the overseas drama first broadcast in Japan exclusively.


The Kayo Pops Channel

This highly sophisticated music channel targets those who love oldies, current pop songs, and classics from the Showa Period up to the present days.


DVD planning, production, and sales

WOWOW PLUS develops a wide range of video content, including movies, animated features, and TV programs. In addition to broadcasting this content on its own channels, it sells them in packaged format as DVD/Blu-ray discs; screens them in theaters; provides them for the VOD cable market; and promotes merchandising businesses.

Planning, operation, and content sales for hotel pay TV systems

Since launching video-related services for hotels in 1982 as Toyo Communications Corp., WOWOW PLUS has provided a one-stop service for hotel room entertainment encompassing Internet access, video on demand, and satellite broadcasts from overseas.