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Details of Businesses

Since its launch in 1996, WOWOW Plus Inc. has been operating two broadcasting channels, "WOWOW Plus" and "The Kayo Pops Channel", for BS/CS digital satellite broadcasting, for BS/CS digital satellite broadcasting, nationwide CATV, and IPTV platform.
We are also engaged in a wide range of other businesses, including the planning, production, and sales of video content, the "Cinefil WOWOW Plus" content streaming service, the event business, the planning, production, and release of "Cinefil"-brand Blu-ray/DVDs, theatrical distribution, licensing, and video distribution for hotels, and corporate facilities.

BS/CS digital satellite broadcasting, planning and organization of broadcast programs, and in-house program production

WOWOW Plus Inc. operates the following two channels as part of its broadcasting business.


"WOWOW Plus" delivers a variety of attractive programs. From hit movies to masterpieces, we broadcast a wide variety of movies in "high quality with no intermission commercials".
WOWOW's original dramas, live music performances by popular artists, and the world's best sports are also available. It can be enjoyed on nationwide CATV, "SKY PerfecTV!" and other services.


The Kayo Pops Channel

This is a music channel for adults who love hit enka, popular songs, and eternal masterpieces that have been sung since the Showa era.
 With popular singers' concerts and nostalgic rare footage, as well as the latest information on enka and pop songs, we are sure to satisfy your "I want to listen! I want to sing! I want to watch!".


Planning, production, sales and delivery of various entertainment content

In addition to our own broadcasting, we are also involved in content streaming service, event planning, video content production, Blu-ray and DVD package sales, theatrical releases, and even character merchandising."

SVOD service planning, organization, and streaming

"Cinefil WOWOW Plus", an SVOD service specializing in movies and dramas, is streamed on the "Amazon Prime Video Channel". We deliver "a lineup that people who love movies and dramas really want to watch".


Event and video content planning, production, and sales

We plan and produce various entertainment content such as live performances and streaming content.   We also produce video content development for businesses and municipalities.


Release Blu-ray and DVD versions of masterpieces that are rarely seen, ambitious works that shine with individuality, and topical works.


Theatrical distribution

We own the screening rights of selected films and distribute them to theaters and non-theaters (schools, public facilities, rental halls, event spaces, etc.).



We sell licenses (for broadcasting, automatic public transmission, and merchandising) related to movies, TV programs, and other content for domestic and overseas markets.

Planning and sales of video streaming systems for hotels and corporate facilities, supply of various satellite broadcasting programs, supply of content, and telecommunications construction

Overseas TV broadcast receiving service ("IiDS")

This service provides overseas TV broadcasts that can be viewed on "Intelsat" and "Asiasat" etc.


Domestic satellite broadcasting (BS, "SKY PerfecTV!") reception services  

"WOWOW Plus", "The Kayo Pops Channel", "Disney Channel" and many other programs of various genres such as news, movies, sports, music, and animation are available.

Hotel Information System/VOD Service

We deliver video systems and services that meet our customers' requirements."

Telecommunications Construction

Offer telecommunication construction services such as satellite broadcasting reception equipment construction, Internet/WiFi construction, and TV communal reception construction.

Contents Supply

In addition to the supply of programs for satellite broadcasting reception facility construction, the Internet, and commercial VOD businesses, we also provide content that meets the needs of screenings, commercial DVD rentals, etc.